Game-A-Thon 2019 Extra Life Fundraiser

We hope you enjoyed our Game-A-Thon 2019 Part 1 stream this past weekend, and if you missed out on the stream you can watch the archived video here. We’re excited to announce that our Game-A-Thon 2019 Part 2 Christmas stream has an official date set for DECEMBER 23rd, and the time of the stream will be announced closer to the event.

Last year, we decided to make the Part 2 stream a charity event to raise money for our local children’s hospital via the Extra Life foundation. For anyone that does not know about Extra Life, it is an organization that works with Children’s Miracle Network to raise money for children’s hospitals. All Extra Life participants declare a specific hospital that the donations will go toward.

We chose this special charity because of Nick’s close and personal connection with our local children’s hospital, which Nick briefly explained in a video we made to help promote our charity stream last year:

The charity stream went so well last year, we wanted to make it an annual tradition. We managed to raise about $360 via last year’s stream, and so this year we’re setting that amount as our target goal. On DECEMBER 23rd, you’ll be able to tune in to our stream via our Twitch channel, and donate to the cause through our official Extra Life page. If you’re unable to watch the stream live, you’ll still be able to donate to the cause in the time leading up to that date. We’ll post the stream start time as soon as we’ve settled on it, and you can expect as much fun, laughs, and holiday cheer as last year’s stream had. ‘Tis the season of giving, and we’re more than happy to do some small amount of good with our fun holiday tradition.

In case you missed the hyperlink up above, here’s where you can find our official Extra Life fundraiser campaign page. You can make all of your donations here leading up to DECEMBER 23rd, or on the date during the stream itself:

Here’s some more information on Extra Life:

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