Couch Contributors

Jake Roundy: Jake is one of the founders of Couch Bandits. Currently, he works full-time in Boston, MA as an editorial manager for a marketing company. In his spare time, he reads, writes, and plays video games. He’s Zelda-obsessed, mostly.

Nick Snow: Nick is one of the founders and central personalities of Couch Bandits. He likes games and academics, so he combined them.

Connor Strader: Connor is one of the founders of Couch Bandits. He lives in Los Angeles, CA and pursues his independent filmmaking outside of his full-time job as a post production coordinator. He is a movie buff, music junkie, and avid gamer. Fantasy and horror are his favorite genres.

Ben Gogel: Ben is an avid video game enthusiast who went to Archives school, so he can one day become a dedicated game preservation expert. He also has the expert skills to match, having beaten Cuphead with all the Achievements and the entire Dark Souls trilogy WITHOUT BREAKING HIS CONTROLLER. Weirdo.

Couch Bandits: This is the official Couch Bandits account. Follow for updates and announcements.