What We’re Eating: Wild Berry Pop-Tarts…Milkshake?!

Not long after we launched, I professed my love for the delicious and radical Wild Berry Pop-Tarts. I stand by it and still love them. But folks, I come bearing a revelation: Take the delicious tart-berry flavor, with the utterly RAD wavy blue-and-purple color scheme, and throw it in a malted milkshake.

This junk is the food of the gods! It will nourish and complete you. Your soul will be lifted as your stomach fills. What I am saying is stuff your face with it.

Meet the Inventors of the Wild Berry Pop-Tarts Milkshake: Modern Malt

Modern Malt symbol

The maestros of this concoction are Modern Malt, located in Syracuse, NY. I was taking my brother out to enjoy lunch while taking care of business in the city. I was eyeing a juicy and succulent burger for myself, while my brother had eyes only for the Belgian waffle.

That’s when I saw it—staring right at me on the milkshake table menu. The Wild Berry Pop-Tarts milkshake. My first post had gone live a week or two prior, so the flavor was fresh in the front of my mind. It was fate. It was destiny. It was delicious.

Wild Berry Pop-Tarts Milkshake photo
The Wild Berry Pop-Tarts milkshake in all its magnificent glory.

When you order a shake at Modern Malt, you’re ordering an experience. I’ve had milkshakes there before, including my usual mainstay of cookies and cream. You get a tall milkshake glass with a healthy dose of whipped cream alongside even more milkshake in a mixing cup. Basically, you get two milkshakes. And it’s rich.

Next time you’re in Syracuse, and you’ve made your pilgrimage to Tully’s and Wegmans, make sure to swing by Modern Malt next.

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