What We’re Eating: Wild Berry Pop-Tarts

This post is not sponsored. I just really love Wild Berry Pop-Tarts.

Everything about Wild Berry Pop-Tarts is perfect: the look, the taste, the aroma, the texture, and yes, even the sound. Pop-Tarts span the gamut of exciting to bland in the presentation department (looking at you unfrosted strawberry), but the Wild Berry variety knocks it out of the park. That retro design—deep-purple frosting with a fun light-blue drizzle—immediately transports you back to the ’90s. Pop these bad boys in the toaster, and you’ll be treated to the wafting scent of toasted, almost-burning sugar crust with a hint of berries.

Once that toaster dings and delivers heaven in a handful, you’ll feel tempted to dig right in to the freshly hot Wild Berry experience. DON’T. Wait and savor the experience. Crack it open, and let the Pop-Tart be simultaneously crisp and gooey. Enjoy releasing the trapped aroma of a mysterious mix of berries, and suck it into your nostrils.

Snapped Wild Berry Pop-Tarts
Wild Berry Pop-Tarts snapped in half and lookin’ GOOD.

Now. Now is the time to enjoy it. Bite in. Let your teeth crunch into the sugary frosting that covers the Pop-Tart, and accept the molten-hot berry filling that quickly follows. It doesn’t matter that you can’t make out specific berry flavors—they are meant to be truly wild and undefinable. It’s just delicious, and that’s all that matters. Devour it. Feed your soul. Gorge until not even crumbs are left.

Lastly, rest easy knowing you’ve tasted the snack of the gods. This Wild Berry Pop-Tart is proof that humankind is meant to be happy.

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