Divinity: Original Sin 2 — The Bone Boys Have Arrived

On Friday, Divinity: Original Sin 2 officially came to PS4 with its Definitive Edition, and we here at the Couch Bandits were overjoyed to play this installment. We loved the first game, Divinity: Original Sin, and after playing for a few hours, we quickly realized this new installment took everything great about the original game and magnified it.

From the beautiful artwork and detailed environments to the varied dialogue choices and a thrilling story, Divinity: Original Sin 2 has all cylinders firing at full blast. We’re excited to dig in more and plan on streaming an entire playthrough as The Bone Boys.

The Bone Boys from Divinity: Original Sin 2, pictured together
Our characters, The Bone Boys, from Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Who Are The Bone Boys?

When we first booted up the game, we immediately gravitated to one of the new player types in Divinity: Original Sin 2: the undead. The undead can’t be healed by traditional means (think: health potions, healing spells, food, etc.); instead, they heal by eating items that would normally kill or hurt you and consuming poison in all its glorious forms, from potions to darts. You also need to keep your face and body hidden when talking to living creatures, as they scare easily.

Naturally, this was just the type of fun challenge we sought, and so, we each chose a different race of undead. These are our characters:

1. Papa Jrew, played by Nick Snow

Nick Snow is playing a silver-skulled Undead Elf Wayfarer named Papa Jrew. He was drawn to the character primarily for the elvish ability of eating flesh to remember its owner’s history and past. We’re bound to see Papa Jrew eat a ton of body parts, which sounds like a great time in and of itself.

2. Master Shad, played by Jake Roundy

Jake is playing an Undead Human Inquisitor named Master Shad, a master of both necromancy and pure strength. With a gold-green skull, he means business, and so far, Jake’s favorite move involves bringing corpses back to life as fleshy bloated beasts, which explode at the snap of his fingers. Talk about a delight.

3. Brent, played by Connor Strader

Inspired by the sound a fart makes, Connor is playing an Undead Lizard Warrior named Brent. He’s got a mohawk of spikes running down his head, and he’s already killed a number of innocents. His record includes escaping imprisonment by way of kraken and attempting to murder a child in cold bold. Fascinating stuff!

4. Fane, played by…Fane

Fane is one of the original, prewritten characters created by Larian Studios. He’s also an Undead Human, and he’ll be our Elemental Wizard. He’s on a quest to discover if any of his kind still exist (they do — three of them are traveling right beside him) and to where they all disappeared. He’s a bit snappy, but overall, he’ll make a great companion.

And thus, The Bone Boys were formed. We had a blast playing as these crazy skeletons and came away with some moments you’re sure to enjoy. Check out those highlights here: https://www.twitch.tv/collections/TgWXDV-8UBU4Xw

Follow us on Twitch to keep up with our latest streams, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for an archive of all past streams and videos. We’ll continue streaming The Bone Boys playthrough on weekends, but if you want a more specific schedule, follow us on Facebook or Twitter for live updates or keep track of our Upload Schedule.

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