Stream Alert! Let’s Play Some Red Dead Redemption 2 at 10pm EST

We’re a little sad to bid a spooky farewell to Halloween this year, but the hype train is always rolling, and we’re super excited about Red Dead Redemption 2 at the moment. Tonight, Nick and Jake will be going live on Twitch to explore the West and cause mayhem.

If you’d like to check it out, join us around 10pm–12am EST over on our Twitch channel. We might kick things off a bit early, so feel free to stop by and say hello.

If you’re still reminiscing about Halloween and need a good spook, check out our stream of Friday the 13th: The Game:

Is there a game you’d like to see us play? As we grow our channel, we have an idea of what we’d like to play next, but we’d love to hear your suggestions, too!

If you never want to miss us go live on Twitch, follow us on Twitter, Instagramand Facebook. We’ll always post updates when we’re going live!

And if you need some Red Dead Redemption to fill the void while you wait, check out these posts:

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