What We’re Eating: All-Dressed Chips

We wouldn’t be true couch potatoes without a love of snacking. Whether it’s late at night or mid-gaming session, there’s one chip flavor we keep coming back to: all-dressed.

Never had an all-dressed chip? First off, what are you doing with your life—and secondly, go the store right now or import these bad boys from Canada ASAP. All-dressed chips combine the savory world of barbecue with a subtle sweetness, perfectly balancing taste and punch. Don’t like salt-and-vinegar but not adventurous enough to explore the truly wild flavors out there? Settle down with this chip, and your tastebuds will be singing all night long.

4 Replies to “What We’re Eating: All-Dressed Chips”

    1. Hahaha I bet that was a great feeling! I need to pick up another bag soon, they are so good.


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