What We’re Eating: A Potato Chip Chocolate Bar

You read that right: A potato chip chocolate bar is real. It exists, and I managed to get my hands on one.

As someone who loves chips, this is the definition of a treat. There’s nothing better than sitting back on the couch, ripping open a bag of chips, and digging in while you watch your favorite movie or TV show. I also love the communal aspect of pouring some chips into a bowl and sharing with a friend as you play some video games. Chips are the perfect comfort snacking food.

That said, I can’t resist chocolate either. Who can? Whether it’s a creamy milk chocolate or a special dark chocolate scooped in peanut butter, this snack delivers another warm—and delicious—sense of comfort. My girlfriend and I like to have a small piece of chocolate every day, because life is short, and you should enjoy the little things while you can.

The Discovery

Speaking of Jamie, we do more than eat 40 bagel bites for dinner. Last week, we took a short trip to Chicago to see one of our favorite bands, BTS (yes, we’re obsessed with K-pop, don’t judge). It was a fantastic experience, and I’ll be writing a review of that concert later this month, but it was also my first time to Chicago, so I wanted to see all the sights. We went to the Bean, ate deep-dish pizza at Giordano’s, and visited a Dylan’s Candy Bar store.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Dylan’s Candy Bar store, then just imagine Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. The store was unlike any candy store I’ve ever seen. It had everything you can imagine, from every color of rock candy to the most bizarre chocolate bar flavors—including pizza, red velvet, and of course, potato chip.

A Dylan's Potato Chip Chocolate Bar
The delicious Dylan’s potato chip chocolate bar in all its glory.

As soon as I saw this candy bar, I knew I needed to try it. It was the first item I plucked off the shelves, but we couldn’t stop there, naturally. Jamie and I perused the rest of the store and filled a bag with all types of candy we wanted to sample. Once we had our fill, we went back to our hotel with big smiles on our faces—it felt like we were kids again.

The Tasting

I won’t lie, both Jamie and I were amped to try this chocolate bar. Potato chips and chocolate go so well together—the perfect blend of salty and sweet. It just seemed like the ultimate marriage between comfort foods, and we expected to be transported to a new level of taste.

Once the chocolate bar was unwrapped, I took a close look. At first glance, it didn’t appear different than normal. But once I broke the bar into pieces, I could actually see little flakes of potato chips inside the chocolate. Brilliant! This truly would reveal a new dimension of flavor to us.

We each lifted a piece of chocolate to our mouths and bit down. We locked eyes, let the chocolate melt a bit on our tongues, and chewed. A few seconds passed, and I could see Jamie’s eyes narrow and her brow furrow. My reaction must have mirrored hers, because she smiled.

We took a second bite. And then, we laughed. It just tasted like chocolate! After all this buildup, the potato chip chocolate bar tasted exactly like milk chocolate. It felt a bit more savory than milk chocolate to me, but that was about it.

Here’s what Jamie had to say about it:

“It tasted like chocolate. There was a little crunch, but I couldn’t make out that it was a potato chip. No salt. In cooking, you always need a little salt.” – Jamie

So wise. And I have to agree—I expected more saltiness and even more crunch derived from the potato chip, but we only tasted chocolate. Some might say our palates aren’t developed enough to taste the intricacies of this chocolate bar, but we’ve eaten A LOT of chocolate and potato chips.

Dylan's Potato Chip Chocolate Bar Vertical
The Dylan’s potato chip chocolate bar laid out for eating.

Even though the chocolate didn’t quite live up to our expectations, it was a delicious candy bar nonetheless, and we would recommend visiting a Dylan’s Candy Bar store should you get the chance. Overall, we had a blast in Chicago, and we’ll always remember our time there fondly!

If you’d like to try out a Dylan’s Candy Bar, check out their site here. You can even order their potato chip chocolate bar if you’d like to give it a try, too!

This post is not sponsored.

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