Stream Alert! We’re Streaming Kingdom Hearts 3 at 10pm EST

Tonight, we’ll be going live on Twitch to play Kingdom Hearts 3! If you’ve been following the blog and our Twitter, then you know how obsessed we’ve been with this game and the series as a whole. We figured now would be the perfect time to show exactly why this game is so amazing by streaming it for you all.

If you’d like to check it out, join us around 10pm–12am EST over on our Twitch channel. Connor will be playing, but Jake and Nick will be joining via voice chat, as well. We might kick things off a bit early, so feel free to stop by and say hello.

And if you haven’t been following our obsession on Twitter, here are some prime examples of our journey through Kingdom Hearts 3 so far:

Is there a game you’d like to see us play? As we grow our channel, we have an idea of what we’d like to play next, but we’d love to hear your suggestions, too!

If you never want to miss us go live on Twitch, follow us on Twitter, Instagramand Facebook. We’ll always post updates when we’re going live!

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