Most Exciting New Features in Kingdom Hearts 3

It’s been a long wait for the latest installment of the Kingdom Hearts series by Square Enix. Over the past several years—thirteen of them since Kingdom Hearts 2—we’ve gotten a few non-main storyline games that have given us depths of information into the game’s universe and backstory, but any longtime fan will tell you this is the game we’ve been waiting for.

While a lot of information has circulated about what new features this game will hold, I want to sit down and discuss a few I am personally hyped about experiencing in this new world.

Kingdom Hearts Teacup Attraction
Teacup Attraction Flow (via

Kingdom Hearts 3 seems like it is well-positioned to deliver that wow-factor during battle sequences. Two I’m simply stoked to see are the Attraction Flow and the Keyblade Transformation features. Both super-attacks seem equivalent to the extravagantly animated Summon attacks from the Final Fantasy series.

The Attraction Flow super attack can be triggered under certain battle conditions and can summon moves themed after Disney Park rides, such as the Teacups, the Pirate Ship, Thunder Mountain Railroad, and possibly more. I really hope Space Mountain is included—how cool would it be to shoot planets and stars out of your Keyblade at the enemy?

Kingdom Hearts Keyblade
Keyblade Transformation (via

The Keyblade Transformation ability will give our hero, Sora, the ability to “level up” his Keyblade into a variety of weapon types during battle, including a long-range pair of colorful guns and a battering-ram of a chariot pulled by a Pegasus. I hope some of these are based on Disney and Final Fantasy characters. I’d love to see a Brave-esque bow-and-arrow situation or, of course, Cloud’s infamous gigantic Buster Sword.

Either way, this feature will be super fun to explore as, unlike Final Fantasy’s turn-based game style, using different Square Enix weaponry in an open-world battle system is a dream come true.

Kingdom Hearts Rapunzel
Rapunzel as a Party Member in Kingdom Hearts (via

Out of the confirmed worlds, I’m most excited about the Kingdom of Corona (Tangled) and the Hundred Acre Wood (Winnie the Pooh). Tangled is a brilliant addition to the franchise. Rapunzel is slated to join Sora’s party, and I am insanely curious about one thing: her hair as a weapon.

Apparently, Rapunzel was the first character to be considered due to this possibility. The excitement of the Square team alone to add her as a party member should get you interested about what battle mechanics they’ve given it. Personally, I have high hopes in general for party members’ abilities in this game, sans Donald, who seriously just needs to stop wasting potions like it’s going out of style.

Kingdom Hearts Donald Meme
Image via

Regarding the Hundred Acre Woods, I just think it’s the most underrated world between all the games it’s in. Unlike other worlds in which you usually grind for a decent amount of time and get a big chunk of storyline and battling, Hundred Acre Woods is always cutely sprinkled in throughout the game in “chapters,” comparable to Olympus Coliseum (Hercules)—except it’s 10 times less grind-y and 110 percent more peaceful. Seriously.

Sometimes, I would just hang out in a “chapter” after the main goal was finished. so I could walk around and savor hanging out in Rabbit’s house, just lookin’ out the window at the garden. Instant stress-relief. I can’t wait to see what Winnie the Pooh scenes you’ll get to walk through in Kingdom Hearts 3, and I can guarantee the sweetness factor will be enough to make you tear up.

Kingdom Hearts Hundred Acre Woods
Hundred Acre Woods (via

One final feature I want to talk about also includes parties—purely, the sheer amount of party members you can have now. Five of them. This most likely means the amount of potential party members from each world will increase. In the Toy Box world (Toy Story), you can have both Woody AND Buzz join in battle with Sora, Goofy, and yes, Donald, you can stay. For now. I’m also wondering what sort of Final Fantasy characters we’ll see in this game, as one of my utmost heartbreaks in Kingdom Hearts 2 was that I could not have the Gullwings join my party in Hollow Bastion.

In closing, I am thrilled about the latest installment in the Kingdom Hearts series, albeit a bit sad considering director Tetsuya Nomura confirmed in an interview from the LA Times that KH3 will be the final chapter for Sora and his friends. Even so, he intends to continue afterward and tell new stories in the same universe. I’m hoping this game is a big hit with audiences old and new, so we can continue to have this magical, dream-like JRPG-Disney crossover series for years to come. Maybe a bit sooner than thirteen years next time…

What are you most excited for in Kingdom Hearts 3? Comment below about what is getting you hyped!

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