Couch Bandits’ Extra Life Fundraiser

This past weekend, we celebrated Game-A-Thon 2018 Part 1 with our first board game live stream. During that stream, we also officially announced our fundraising campaign for Extra Life

We have been extremely grateful for the support everyone has been showing us and want to pay it forward. Any donation to this charity is appreciated.

For anyone that does not know about Extra Life, it is an organization that works with Children’s Miracle Network to raise money for children’s hospitals. Specifically, all Extra Life participants declare a specific hospital that the donations will go toward. 

I have had more than my share of hospital stays and procedures, so this charity and program are very close to me. Children that have diseases, disorders and other health ailments that require extended hospital stays are often an emotionally hardy bunch. They sometimes end up shouldering the emotional burden their family feels in addition to the complications affecting them as well. These innocent kids and their families deserve hospitals and doctors with access to the best resources to help them.

Children’s hospitals provide specialized care and staff that are trained to work with and comfort children. I am very lucky to have had the experts and resources during my hospital stays and now that I am able to, I am happy to give back. I hope you decide to help us with our goal.

The Couch Bandits fundraiser will be culminating in a live stream of Game-A-Thon Part 2 for 2018. Further details will be posted as we hammer them out and get closer to the stream. It will be after Christmas and around that weekend, but other than that we will have to wait for specifics.

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