What We’re Eating: Jalapeño Ranch Chips

Whenever I think of my favorite flavor of all time, ranch, I think of something that happened to me a few years back.

I was buying snacks at a grocery store one night when I walked by what possibly could’ve been myself from a previous life. This young man wore a confused expression and was dressed in baggy gamer attire. A comfy-looking t-shirt that was just a size too big, and some epic jean shorts. He carried with him two food items: a pack of Oreos and a two-liter of Mountain Dew. As if this poetic combination was not already amazing enough, he then asked a store clerk a question that’s resonated with me ever since, “Where can I find ranch dressing?”

That’s a question I’ve asked many times and continue to ask regularly. One potato chip flavor has answered that question: jalapeño ranch chips. It’s the perfect blending of spicy jalapeño and ranch dressing. The two flavors mix together to create a funky, potent taste that takes some getting used to at first—but once you warm up to it, it’s nothing short of a revelation.

The ranch keeps the intensity of the jalapeño at bay, while also complementing it with its own sweet and tangy goodness. I could probably eat an entire bag of them in one sitting, and they make for the ultimate gaming snack. Much like that young man in search of ranch to dunk his Oreos in before washing it down with Mountain Dew (at least this is what I imagine he did when he got home), I was in search of ranch with a kick to satisfy my snack cravings while gaming for hours on end. These chips more than delivered!

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